Sure. Verbatex is a strong brand for distributors. The end consumer buys the product under your name.

Under normal circumstances, an order takes about eight weeks to process. This time frame depends of course on the range of products you order from us. An order can be shipped when the last quality or color bank has been woven. Not all color banks and qualities are set up, so the time can increase somewhat.

If you wish to order only one reference, the delivery time is of course shorter.

No, but due to the high-density weave construction, all qualities pass the American Flammability test.

All of our products meet the base quality standards.

Viscose is moisture absorbent. This type of carpet has a cooling effect on the bare foot during summer and a warming feeling during winter. A viscose carpet is therefore very pleasant to walk on barefoot.

Polyester and flatwoven carpets are easy to maintain. In stores, the carpets get exposed to a lot. Viscose is therefore not recommended, as the hairs become flattened and dirty. Busy prints are more suitable in this case

In addition, viscose is not washable unless done by a professional.

Most of the looms at our production site are 4 meters wide. This makes us very flexible in the number of sizes we offer. Tapestry tiles are not possible, but you can purchase our carpets on four meter rolls and cut them yourself in a size of your choice.

It is normal for the cut fibers of a viscose carpet to come loose during the first few weeks. We automatically weave double-piece carpets that are cut on string. In this way, we obtain an upper and lower part where the short fibers come out. Regular vacuuming reduces that process.

Viscose is made from cellulose and is therefore absorbent. Since water causes color differences on the carpet, water should be avoided at all costs. The best way to maintain a viscose carpet is to vacuum it regularly. This straightens the hairs and dirt does not penetrate as deeply. A well-maintained carpet will last a very long time.

Viscose carpets are suitable for places where there is not much traffic and stains do not stand a chance.

We have a heart for the environment and are doing our part. Our company is GRS-certified. We only use ecological materials and make every effort to recycle as much as possible.

Want to know more about our sustainable initiatives? Then take a look here.

Our products have the OEKO-TEX-100 label. This guarantees that our carpets do not contain harmful substances.

We work with double-piece ropes and a face-to-face loom. This means that a weave is always cut in the middle, resulting in two carpets that are mirror images of each other. If you want to have one rug woven, you automatically get a double.


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