Recycled cotton

Innovative fiber Our contribution to a circular economy

We use recycled cotton for the backing of all our qualities. This is an innovative fiber whereby the leftovers and selvedges from clothing production are turned back into fibers to be spun back into yarns.

It is estimated that up to 40% of the cotton grown is wasted between harvesting in the cotton field and the production of a finished garment, which amounts to approximately 600.000 tons of cotton fiber discarded by spinners, weavers and fabric manufacturers each year. This "waste" sometimes ends up directly in landfills and contributes to leachate formation as it decomposes, which can contaminate both surface and groundwater sources.

Recycled cotton is obtained by unraveling waste fabrics and selvedges and spinning them back into yarn. This textile waste is sorted by color and then mechanically broken up into fibers. This process causes cotton fibers to become shorter and weaker, which is why recycled cotton fibers are often blended with a non-recycled fiber for strength. Because the recycled cotton is not dyed, the amount of energy, water and dye used in its production is much less than for new cotton yarn.

This production process contributes to a circular economy.

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