A viscose rug is an eye-catcher in any home. The fine patterns combined with a rich color scheme and a natural silky sheen add atmosphere to your interior. It is a durable, soft fabric and a very popular textile that was originally developed as a substitute for silk.

Luxurious look

Viscose carpets have a bright and fresh appearance thanks to the brilliant color absorption and luster of the fiber. Viscose allows maximum color penetration, a reason why the colors of viscose carpets are so vibrant. Individual threads of viscose can be easily colored with almost any type of color. As a result, designers create a huge variety of products distinguished by decorative drawings, often like a real work of art.

The fact is that silk is still the most expensive material, so not everyone can afford a carpet made of such raw materials. That's why viscose has become so popular - for the same properties and the same look, you pay a lower price.


Ecological & sustainable

Since viscose is made from natural wood pulp, it is not necessarily a polluting substance. Cellulose is a natural product, which is recycled naturally into the ecosystem. It takes only 8 weeks for it to fully biodegrade. The viscose we use at Verbatex comes from cellulose harvested from SFC fast-growing harvested wood which contributes to a circular economy. By immediately adding color to the viscose during fiber production (dope dyed fibers) we also reduce water and energy consumption by 50% and the color fastness of the viscose is much better than conventional dyeing techniques.


A viscose carpet is very comfortable to walk on barefoot because it feels soft and natural. Viscose is a good insulator and is nice and warm in the winter and pleasantly fresh during summer.

Another reason for its comfort is the fact that viscose has no static charge, making it safe for the whole family to walk on. It is a non-allergenic fiber. Such material does not cause negative reactions on the body.

Another advantage of this natural fiber is that viscose is a non-melting fiber. This means that it has a fairly low flammability. Since we weave our products quite tightly, they all pass the CFR 1630-FF 1-70 Standard for the surface flammability of carpets and rugs

Also, no harmful chemicals are used in the production of viscose, nor are they incorporated into it.

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