Viscose chenille

Chenille is a soft, feathery yarn that, when stitched to a backing fabric, gives it a velvety appearance. It is a contemporary variation of the still very popular velvet. Chenille can be made from almost any base yarn. By using viscose as the base yarn, we obtain an excellent natural feeling softness of the fabric, which is also warm and skin friendly.

The viscose fiber is dyed using dope dyed technology, which leads to very good color fastness in an ecologically friendly way. The viscose fiber is spun into yarn in Belgium. Through creative blending of the viscose fiber, we obtain unique, warm and natural color effects. This basic yarn is then processed into viscose chenille within Europe.

By combining color shades, we obtain a natural-looking chenille with unique color effects, which you can enjoy for a long time thanks to the strong color fastness.

Chenille 1a

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