A sustainable business

We at Verbatex do our very best to minimize waste in our production process and our other activities. For this we make the necessary efforts.

  • Our roofs are covered with 10,500 m² of solar panels.
  • Wooden pallets are recovered.
  • Thanks to automatic spool winders, spools are used up almost 100%.
  • Viscose and most of our polyester yarns are dope dyed. This technology adds the color pigment during the extrusion of the yarn and reduces water use to a minimum.
  • All the cardboard we use is 100% recycled.
  • Waste from carpets, cut-offs, leftover yarn, plastic, household, metal and oil is sorted and collected for recycling.
  • We avoid overproduction, producing only on demand from our customers and always maintaining quality.
"Each product is formulated with sustainable raw materials. Colors are made through dope dyed technology to reduce water use and ensure good light and color fastness." Ecological materials


Viscose is made from natural wood pulp. The cellulose we use comes from SFC-certified fast-growing and harvested wood. Cellulose is a product that is recycled naturally into the ecosystem.

Regenerated cotton

For the back of all our qualities, we use an innovative recycled fiber that allows for the reuse of waste. This way, we are doing our part for a circular economy.


By using natural wool with irregularities, our wool rugs get a handmade look. For this purpose, we work exclusively with good wool spinners who partly spin with natural undyed wool fibers from European sheep.


Polyester is a synthetic yarn manufactured from petroleum. The yarns have high strength and are easy to maintain. With the twist of the yarn, we ensure that the appearance of the finished product looks as fine as with any other material.

Viscose chenille

Viscose chenille is a soft, feathery yarn that has a natural velvet appearance when stitched to a backing fabric. This yarn is produced in Belgium.

"Sustainability is KEY" -


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