Synthetic yarns With enormous color fastness

Polyester yarns are synthetic yarns manufactured from petroleum. These yarns are soft, hypoallergenic, have good stability, high light intensity and are very easy to maintain. In case of spills or stains, you can easily clean a polyester carpet with water and mild soap.

An important property of this fiber is that it retains color very well. This offers the possibility of colorful carpets. It is a very durable fiber, which on top of that hardly wrinkles or shrinks.

We use polyester yarns partly in our warp threads (spun yarns) for strength during weaving and partly for pile purposes. In pile yarns, we use filament yarns that do not show pilling.

Polyester yarns for pile purposes have a wide range of use. The finer the filaments and the more filaments used, the softer the yarn. The twist of the yarn decides the final appearance of the product. Yarns with a higher twist are used more in high-density products. Yarns with a low twist are used in products with low density and less design definition.

Since we at Verbatex are known for our fine viscose rugs, we always want to maintain this philosophy in all of our products, even when we use synthetic materials. The use of synthetic materials must add value to the final product in look or in use. Therefore, we have our polyester yarns developed according to the properties we wish to achieve in our final products.

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