Because sustainability is important in our production, we work with a European wool spinner to spin a natural undyed artisanal looking wool yarn from European sheep. To achieve products with a handmade look, we use an unwashed carded wool with irregularities in the spinning process.

Soft and comfortable

We chose to produce an environmentally friendly carpet that is also a delight to the eye and a pleasure for the skin thanks to its softness. Because wool retains heat, a wool carpet always feels nice and warm. Which is extremely pleasant to walk on barefoot during winter.


These rugs are known for their resilient nature. Wool always returns to its original shape over time. This ensures that you don't have to deal with impressions or a flattened carpet. Wool has the greatest absorbency of all natural fibers and is by itself dirt repellent. This has everything to do with the fat layer that the material naturally contains. This grease layer makes it difficult for stains to adhere and makes them easy to remove with a carpet cleaner.

Wol 1a

Flame retardant

A wool carpet is naturally fire retardant. This is not only good to know, but also very useful should a spark jump out of the fireplace. It does little or no damage.

Ecological & innovative

Our wool comes from yarns from the best spinning mills in Europe. This guarantees us absolute control over the production process, which includes scouring the raw wool, blending, carding, spinning and finishing. Since quality and innovation are among our main concerns, production techniques and processes have been continuously improved since our company was founded.

Our production is highly automated and digitized and is fully monitored, resulting in traceability of all our carpets.

Waste yarns and waste textiles are fully recycled and reused after processing for various purposes such as the automotive industry, road works, regenerated yarns, and so on.

Part of our energy is generated through solar panels on the roof of our company buildings.

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