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Fine classical rugs woven in viscose pile.

The Giseh collection, characterized by its oriental designs, is made of 100% viscose.

This quality offers symmetric carpets that often come in colorful patterns. Giseh uses Kirma's patterns with a pile height of 6 mm, making them thicker and softer.

The expressive patterns of this richly coloured rug are full of character and make a captivating statement in any commercial or private space.

Pile height 6 mm
Total weight/m² 2.00 kg/m²
Pile weight/m² 1.20 kg/m²
Pile composition 100% viscose
Points/m² 921.000/m²
Backing Anti slip latex
Incorporated 6-8 frame

67/105 1 pc/bale 32
67/210 1 pc/bale 16
80/125 1 pc/bale 24
80/200 1 pc/bale 12
80/300 1 pc/bale 10
100/140 1 pc/bale 12
120/170 1 pc/bale 12
140/200 1 pc/bale 12
160/230 1 pc/bale 10
200/300 1 pc/bale 8
240/340 1 pc/bale 6
280/380 1 pc/bale 6

  • OEKO-TEX 100

    All of our products have a STANDARD 100 label from OEKO-TEX®. The label guarantees that the finished product contains no harmful substances or residues of pesticides and heavy metals. Every component of an item with the STANDARD 100 label has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless to human health.

    OEKO-TEX label
  • CFR TITLE 16 - PART 1630 Standard for flammability of surfaces of carpets and rugs (FF 1-70)

    This fire reaction test standard describes a test method for determining the flammability of a rug when exposed to a small-scale fire source that attempts to simulate a burning source, such as a burning ember from a fireplace. This is done under controlled lab conditions.

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