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Sophisticated patterns in viscose woven on a base of shrink polyester.

Lustrous is a reference to the word Luster. This represents the way light reacts to the surface of a crystal and is formed from the Latin word 'Lux', meaning 'light'. An obvious connection to the natural luster found in this quality.

For the Lustrous quality, polyester shrinkage yarns are used. The carpet gets an embossed effect after heat treatment during the finishing process. The polyester base shrinks, after which the carpet takes on a more wool look. In addition, the viscose yarns offer a natural rich sheen. This 3D effect gives an additional optical value to the carpet.

This quality is partly based on Farashe. The goal was to create a slightly thicker carpet, while maintaining an embossing effect. For this purpose, we developed a soft shrinkage yarn in polyester with a natural wool look. With about four color creels, we have a broad color palette that is evaluated annually.

Pile height 6 mm
Total weight/m2 1.85 kg/m2
Pile weight/m2 1.26 kg/m2
Pile composition 75% viscose 25% polyester
Points/m2 820.000/m2
Backing Anti slip latex
Incorporated 8 frame

67/105 24 pc/box 24
67/210 1 pc/bale 12
80/125 1 pc/bale 20
80/150 1 pc/bale 16
80/200 1 pc/bale 12
80/300 1 pc/bale 10
100/140 1 pc/bale 16
120/170 1 pc/bale 16
140/200 1 pc/bale 16
160/230 1 pc/bale 12
200/300 1 pc/bale 10
240/340 1 pc/bale 8
280/380 1 pc/bale 6

  • OEKO-TEX 100

    All of our products have a STANDARD 100 label from OEKO-TEX®. The label guarantees that the finished product contains no harmful substances or residues of pesticides and heavy metals. Every component of an item with the STANDARD 100 label has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless to human health.

    OEKO-TEX label
  • CFR TITLE 16 - PART 1630 Standard for flammability of surfaces of carpets and rugs (FF 1-70)

    This fire reaction test standard describes a test method for determining the flammability of a rug when exposed to a small-scale fire source that attempts to simulate a burning source, such as a burning ember from a fireplace. This is done under controlled lab conditions.

Lustrous 997c575650
Lustrous 997c575650 det
Lustrous 999 575150 26136

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